Since 2004 ,Sree Lakshmi Jabbi Reddy Charitable Trust has been working in several states of India to help children get a happy childhood and a bright future.

We work in close coordination with government agencies at various levels – National, State and District – to run child welfare projects. We work with the aim to support and contribute towards Government of India’s vision to build a “Bharat” where children are well-nurtured, with full opportunities for growth and development in a safe and protective environment.

Presently, we have presence across 15 states and 3 Union Territories of India and have impacted the lives of more than 10 million children since 2004 .

We urge you to play your part in gifting a meaningful childhood to underprivileged children. Through your contributions, we can reach more children and support their various needs.


Through the support of our donors,Sree Lakshmi Jabbi Reddy Charitable Trust has been implementing projects to cater to children’s various needs, making their childhood happier and more fulfilling. We are working relentlessly to give children a chance at building a brighter future. And in this quest, every bit of support counts.